Robots make sandwiches and popcorn using voice command and Kinect

We love our robots around here and when those robots can make lunch or a snack for you, I am even more interested. That is the case with these cool bots that the robotics team form the Technical University of Munich designed named Rosie and James. The bots used to be able to make pancakes and sausage only.

Now the bots can make salami and cheese sandwiches and stovetop popcorn as well. That means the bot can now make your breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Eh bots are able to do all the little steps including turning the oven on and have impressive dexterity. The bots are able to respond to orders like make me a sandwich.

They use the Kinect visual detection system to assess the surroundings and make the food. The sandwich command even gets you toasted bread. It's impressive that these robots can perform these tasks from voice commands only. Check out the videos to see the bots in action.

[via PhysOrg]