Robotic arm for iRobot Create is cool

Geeks and robots go together like peanut butter and jelly and anytime we see some cool DIY robotics, you know we have to point it out. The basis for this robotic project is the iRobot Create and the people behind the project have created a robotic arm that can pick stuff up from the floor and hand it to people without them having to bend down.

Inspirations for the project were a spatula and a dustpan. According to the people from the project, the robotic arm they created was able to pick various items off different floor types 95% of the time. It picked up things like the TV remote, a bottle of pills, and various other things we are apt to drop.

The robot arm was even able to pick up a single pill, which can be hard for some of us to do ourselves. Once the arm pushes the items into the tray, it lifts the items up to the height where a seated person can reach it. The point of the robot is to help the elderly or disabled pick things up from the floor, which can be a huge challenge.