RoboSapien plays dress-up with creepy Elmo costume

Words cannot express how frightened this makes me.  Looking for all the world like a RoboSapien that has skinned Elmo and is wearing his hide like an extra from Silence of the Lambs, the coup de grâce is that, thanks to a personality upload, he can cruelly mimic the sounds and actions of his crimson prey.Check out the video after the cut... if you've got the stomach for it!

Crafted from an Elmo hand-puppet and some red fabric, the custom suit fits RoboSapien RS like a glove; a 10mb personality profile - including over two-hundred original sounds – lets ElmoSapien interact in character with other robots, or simply entertain you by himself as he does on Sesame Street (if, however, Sesame Street featured ritualistic skinnings with faintly voodoo overtones).

It's a free download, and shouldn't affect your RoboSapien permanently.

ElmoSapien [Robots Rule - thanks Robert!]