Roboppi RC Helicopter with LED lightshow

Just because we loved WowWee's Bladestar, doesn't mean we haven't room in our hearts for another RC helicopter.  Today it's the turn of the Roboppi ROBO-P, a tiny rechargeable whirlygig with contra-rotating blades and an LED-illuminated body.Video of the Roboppi helicopter in action after the cut

As with other 'copters we've seen, the Roboppi recharges from the remote.  Twenty-five minutes of juice is enough for six minutes of airtime; slightly less impressive than the Bladestar, but then that doesn't incorporate a mobile disco.

Range is 5m (16.5 feet) and the blades are soft plastic and should hopefully survive at least a few crash-landings.  Three versions are available, from importer Japan Trend Shop, in orange pink and blue, and priced at $41.

[via technabob]