Robo Garage Ropid running, jumping 'bot [Video]

Japanese robot manufacturer Robo Garage have been demonstrating their latest 'bot, and what distinguishes the endearing 38cm tall Ropid is its ability to not only run but jump 8cm into the air.  Ropid is intended to demonstrate a new leg design, which uses a double-jointed "linkage belt" – each point of which can be independently locked for stability in different movements – paired with four gyro-sensors.

Inside Ropid's head, meanwhile, there's a microphone used for voice recognition, though right now it can only recognize around eight words or phrases.  Still, it's enough for basic remote control, and thanks to 29 joints there's reasonable flexibility and smoothness of movement.

Robo Garage are describing Ropid as a prototype, with no word on a possible release.  While robots that can jump up and claw at our faces aren't good, we can't imagine this cute little guy as being dangerous.  At least, not until the first modder adds razor-sharp claws.

[via CrunchGear]