Robo C2 and R2 smart 3D printer are controlled via Robo app

A pair of new 3D printers have landed on Kickstarter looking for funding called the Robo C2 and the Robo R2. Both of the 3D printers are equipped with WiFi and are controlled via an app that allows you to print whatever you can dream up right from your smartphone. The printers both promise innovative print features with the goal of simplifying the path to every print made.

The designers promise more accurate 3D printing, a seamless user experience, integrated automation, and faster prints. The robo app is available on iOS only with an Android version coming soon. With the app running users can connect to and print from their mobile device. The app can also monitor every print and the printer can be controlled from wherever you can get WiFi access.

The app offers a manual control panel that lets you handle every detail with precision. App users can also connect to cloud libraries to access thousands of 3D models that can be printed. In-app purchases are supported to allow the user to purchase accessories, filaments, print kits, and other items.

An alert will tell you when your print is completed and there are support and tutorials available from within the app. The app can be used to control any Octoprint enabled 3D printer. The printers can build objects up to 5" x 5" x 6" and feature a self-leveling print bed. R2 and C2 smart 3D printers are on Kickstarter seeking $100,000 and have raised over $223,000 as of writing with 25 days to go. A pledge of $599 or more will get you a Robo C2 with shipping expected in November. The larger R2 will set you back $1099 or more with shipping in January 2017.

SOURCE: kickstarter