Rivian will open ten showrooms this year starting in Chicago

One of the most exciting electric vehicle manufacturers bringing vehicles to market is called Rivian. The company has drawn massive investments from automakers and venture capitalists alike. It plans to launch a completely electric SUV and an electric pickup with its own dealer network.

While all preorders for Rivian vehicles so far have been made online, it plans on selling them through its very own dealership network, with ten showrooms opening this year. The very first showroom will open at the Chicago Fulton Market neighborhood. The company wants to establish physical locations to allow prospective buyers to experience the vehicles in person.

Rivian says that Chicago is a key location for it, and Fulton Market is a vibrant neighborhood making a great fit for a showroom. Rivian vehicles are also built-in Illinois, and they want to share the finished product with the community. While most auto manufacturers call their locations showrooms, Rivian sees its facilities as "retail experiences."

That likely means they'll be something quite different from what we're used to experiencing in an automotive dealership, but exactly what remains to be seen. Rivian has scored many preorders for its vehicles, and its first deliveries are set to start in June.

The first of its two vehicles to reach customers is the R1T pickup truck starting in June. The R1S SUV will begin delivery later in August. Both vehicles share the same underpinnings, and images shared so far show beautiful vehicles that have EV shoppers very excited. Rivian also promises impressively long driving distances and lots of power and performance. One of the major investors in Rivian is Ford.