Rithmio EDGE app uses Android Wear to track weightlifting

Assuming you already have an Android Wear smartwatch and you enjoy lifting weights, there's a new app for you: Rithmio EDGE. The app works with Android Wear to track the wearer's weightlifting sessions and provide snapshots of how their fitness goals are progressing. The app aims to take the hassle out of workout tracking by learning what moves you're performing and automatically adding them to the day's workout log, among other things.

The app seems fairly straight-forward — the movement sensing is performed via the smartwatch's sensors. In addition to cataloging which exercise you were performing, the app will also keep track of the number of reps and add them to your workout logs. You can pull up those logs whenever you would like to see what your day's routine looks like or to review past workouts.

The app doesn't only work through automatic detection, which wouldn't be terribly useful because of the difficulty a smartwatch may have in guessing accurately. Users can manually choose what exercise they are performing, things like how heavy the weights being used are, and other pertinent data.

The longer you use the app, the greater its snapshot of your activities will be. Users will be able to see things like what muscles they are targeting most, how long they are active in their workouts, what their personal records are, and similar things. By having access to these charts, users can see what muscles they may be overworking or neglecting, which areas their progress is slow in, and more.

You can download the app for free now from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance