Rise in style in the Year of the Pig

Chris Davies - Feb 19, 2007

Back in the eighties, my aunt & uncle had a Teasmade on their bedside table.  I, being a young and impressionable sort, thought it was the height of high-technology – imagine, a fresh cup of tea newly brewed for when you wake! – and despite not even liking tea was desperate for one of my own.


Had I known Matty Salin back then, perhaps I would’ve been less ready to sell my soul for a water-boiling alarm clock.  His Wake’n’Bacon, with its ability to freshly grill a rasher or two by the time you’re due to rise, blows the Goblin out the water.

 Wake'n'Bacon alarm clock

Looking a little like a bread-bin that has been decorated as a pig, the Wake’n’Bacon apparently took five days to make and cost Matty $90.  Two 100-watt halogen bulbs inside the box do the hard work, taking about ten minutes to finish the bacon off.

 Wake'n'Bacon alarm clock

He’ll make you one, if you ask really nicely, but I imagine that it’ll cost you more than $90.

Wake'n'Bacon alarm clock

Mathlete [via bookofjoe]

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