Ripple Maker 3D printer makes coffee foam works of art

A new bit of coffee tech may one day make it to your favorite coffee shop to bring a bit of caffeine and art to your morning cup of Joe. A new coffee machine has surfaced that takes advantage of 3D printing tech to make works of art in the foam at the top of a cup of coffee. The printer is called the Ripple Maker and it uses birth 3D printing and inkjet tech.

The Ripple Maker is a small device measuring 8.5" x 10.5" and is WiFi connected. The printer uses coffee milk foam as the canvas and natural coffee extract as the paint from something called a Ripple Pod. The Ripple Pod is where the extruding of the art into the foam happens.

Ripple Maker isn't aimed at use in the home, rather it's a machine aimed at commercial use in the coffee shops around the world. Ten seconds is all that is needed for the Ripple maker to adorn the top of the coffee with art.

It can print inside any cup measuring 7" high to 4.5" wide. One of the first places to try out the Ripple Maker will be in the first class and business class of some Lufthansa flights. Ripple Maker will start shipping in September for $999 with a yearly service plan costing $75.

SOURCE: 3Dprint