RipCode allows iPad to play Flash video

There are many iPad and iPhone owners that would agree the biggest single shortfall of the new iPad and the iPhone is the lack of support for Flash video. Apple is adamant that Flash will not be supported and until HTML5 is more common in video streaming many iPad, users can't view the content they desire.

A company called RipCode has announced a new clientless Flash video codec that allows the video to play on the iPad in a seamless fashion for the end user. The codec allows the video to play at a number of resolutions ranging from QVGA to 1080p.

The RipCode V6 transcoding appliance also supports other file formats like QuickTime, MP4 Progressive Download, Apple's MPEG-TS Adaptive Progressive Download for file-based and live content, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and RTSP. This sort of transcoding could eliminate the issues with iPad and streaming video for many users.