Riot plans it own game launcher to put desktop titles in one place

Riot, the company behind hits like League of Legends and Valorant, has announced plans to release its own game launcher. The product, which is called Riot Client, will be available starting next week, making it easier for gamers to access the company's desktop titles by congregating them in one place.

Riot announced its upcoming game client today, making it the latest developer to release its own launcher; it joins similar launchers from companies like Epic. Riot Client isn't entirely new — the company has been using a skinned version with each of its desktop games individually.

With the full client, however, gamers will be able to view their entire Riot games library. Riot Client will come with a new user interface and some "streamlined features," as well as the promise of other changes in the pipeline for the future.

The company notes that each of its games will have its own page in the client, which will also provide access to game news and events related to its IP. Riot notes that while players can still have individual game shortcuts on their desktop, using the client will get rid of the need to manually download and install updates.

Riot says that it will start rolling out Riot Client on September 20, but that it will take some time to make sure it is stable. Assuming everything goes as planned, a global rollout for the product will start on October 4.