Ring Video Doorbell 2 lands with 1080p recording

We haven't heard a whole lot from Ring in recent months, but now, following the launch of its Floodlight Cam at the start of the year, the company is launching a new version of its flagship product. Today Ring announced its second-generation Video Doorbell, aptly named "Video Doorbell 2." This new product seems to borrow from both the original Video Doorbell and the Video Doorbell Pro to roll the best of both products into one.

Before we get to what's new, let's cover returning features. Like the original Video Doorbell, you'll be able to use Ring's Video Doorbell 2 to see who just rang your doorbell and have a conversation through two-way audio. The Video Doorbell 2 also boasts motion detection, with push alerts sent to your phone when the cameras on the device detect motion or the doorbell is rung.

While the original Video Doorbell 2 streamed in 720p, its successor is capable of 1080p streaming and cloud recording. Of course, owners of the Video Doorbell Pro already enjoy full HD video, but the main difference here is that the Video Doorbell Pro needs to be hardwired while the Video Doorbell 2 does not. You can hardwire the Video Doorbell 2 with your existing doorbell connections, but you can also power it with a removable and rechargeable battery if you so choose.

With the Video Doorbell 2, users can look forward to improved night vision, 180-degree motion horizontal detection, and a 160-degree field of view. Unlike previous Video Doorbell models, you don't necessarily need to be stuck with the design you pick, as the Video Doorbell 2 also offers interchangeable faceplates.

Ring's mission statement is to help prevent crime, and with features like motion detection tied to a push notification system, the Video Doorbell 2 should help the company realize those goals. The Video Doorbell 2 is meant to be the centerpiece of the company's "ring of security," and Ring has been slowly launching outdoor cameras to round out its catalog of security hardware.

The Video Doorbell 2 is available today from a number of different retailers around the US, but if you'd rather not leave the house, you can order one from Ring's website as well. The Video Doorbell 2 will set you back $199, as compared to $249 for the Video Doorbell Pro and $179 for the original Video Doorbell.