Ring Pan-Tilt Mount is an affordable way to add security to blind-spots

Amazon's IoT company Ring has announced a new mount for its Stick Up Cam that enables customers to pan and tilt the security camera using the Ring smartphone app. The added functionality makes it possible to monitor parts of one's home that may otherwise not be visible in the video, expanding coverage for added peace of mind.

Ring's Stick Up Cam is a security camera designed for consumer use; it can be used indoors or outdoors and includes support for either mounted use or simply resting on a flat surface. The camera itself does not have pan and tilt functionality, which helps keep the price down (though it's still more expensive at $99.99 than the $39.99 Wyze Cam Pan model).

Ring's newly introduced Pan-Tilt Mount for the Stick Up Cam is priced at $44.99 as an optional accessory for use indoors or outdoors. The price varies based on which version of the mount is purchased, mind.

The mount sold with the indoor/outdoor power adapter is a bit pricier at $54.99, while the mount with just the indoor power adapter is $49.99. Ring offers the mount in white and black colors (the same colors its Stick Up Cam is offered in) and the product will be available in Canada starting in January.

According to Ring, the Pan-Tilt Mount can rotate the Stick Up Cam 340-degrees, plus there are 60-degrees of tilt for looking up and down. This is compared to the Stick Up Cam's standard 130-degree field of view. As demonstrated in Ring's video (above), users can manually control the tilt and rotation using the Ring app and on-screen controls similar to how one would control the character in a mobile game.

Things to keep in mind

There are some fine details to keep in mind if you're planning to get the mount. The new accessory doesn't work with the solar panel or Quick Release Battery Pack, meaning customers will need the Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter Barrel Plug.

As well, using the Pan-Tilt Mount will disable privacy zones for the camera mounted on the accessory. While motion zones are still available with the mount, keep in mind that the pan/tilt functionality is manual only — the mount can't be used to automatically track and follow a subject when the camera detects motion.

While the mount is a useful option for individuals who have one camera to cover a large room, it may not be ideal for customers who want to automatically monitor a space that is wider than the Stick Up Cam's field of view.

A number of alternative cameras are available that offer automatic pan and tilt functionality. Kasa, for example, has a $55 smart home security camera that packs a Patrol Mode, which automatically rotates and tilts the camera as necessary when motion is detected.