Ring doorbells and security cameras get opt-in end-to-end encryption

Amazon's Ring has introduced a new technical preview that brings end-to-end encryption for the company's doorbells and security cameras, the company has announced. The new encryption is available as an opt-in security feature for those who want to keep their camera footage private in a more secure, but less convenient, way.

If you own a Ring camera device, your camera footage is uploaded to the company's servers where they're protected by encryption. However, end-to-end encryption adds another layer of security by locking the footage behind a key that only the customer has, meaning only their enrolled phone can be used to decrypt the content.

The new feature is rolling out as a technical preview to Ring users who are encouraged to send Ring feedback on the new option. Assuming you have access to it, you can enable end-to-end encryption in the Ring App's Control Center under 'Video Encryption.'

Though it is less convenient — enabling the new option means you can only view the content on the enrolled device with the key — it does provide another layer of security for video footage. Security cameras placed in the home may capture aspects of daily life, and having this encryption option may make some users feel more comfortable.

Ring President Leila Rouhi said in a statement:

With the launch of video End-to-End Encryption, I'm proud to continue delivering on our commitment to offering privacy and security features that keep customer control front and center. We will continue to innovate and invest in features that empower our neighbors with the ability to easily view, understand, and manage how their videos and information stay secure with Ring.