Rime on Switch release date revealed for North America and Europe

The adventure game Rime will be available on the Nintendo Switch soon, and Greybox, the company behind it, just gave us the release dates for both North America and Europe. The game is already available for PC gamers to download from Steam, and starting this upcoming November, it'll also be available for Switch owners. Cost will depend on region.

According to publisher Greybox, Rime will available to buy and download onto the Nintendo Switch in North America on November 14, and then in Europe on November 17. If you're in the United States or UK, you'll be paying 29.99 in your respective currency; if you're elsewhere in Europe, you'll be paying €34.99. That's if you download from the digital eShop, though.

If you prefer the physical edition of the game, you'll be able to buy a copy for $39.99 USD, €44.99, or 39.99 GBP. The physical edition will include a download code to get the game's soundtrack. If you're wondering why the physical game costs more, Greybox says that it is a necessity due to manufacturing and development costs. The soundtrack download code is included to help make up for the extra cost.

As for the delay itself, the publisher explains that the Switch edition entered development after the others already had, and the extra time was dedicated toward Switch optimization. If you're buying the Switch version, Greybox says you can expect it to be the same as other versions of the game.

If you preordered Rime for Nintendo Switch — the physical edition, that is — then you'll be on the receiving end of the preorder incentive, which is a map given to those who bought the game early. You'll need to check with the retailer through which you're purchasing, though, according to Greybox. Not familiar with the Nintendo Switch? Read our review of it here!

SOURCE: Greybox