Rimac Nevera electric hypercar destroys the quarter-mile

Several electric hypercars are in production or soon will be that are incredibly fast. Automakers have found that fully electric and hybrid cars can be quicker than their traditional gasoline-powered competition. The reason is that electric motors provide all of their torque instantly rather than having to build up like combustion-engine cars.

One of the electric hypercar's that many enthusiasts have been drooling over is the Rimac Nevera. The Nevera has an insane amount of electric horsepower, with 1914 horsepower total. It gets help with traction thanks to all-wheel-drive that puts an individual motor at each wheel.

Recently, DragTimes got behind the wheel of a Nevera and took it to the dragstrip for some unofficial performance numbers. The car managed to do the quarter-mile in 8.62 seconds on an un-prepared airstrip in the past. The car ran on a prepared dragstrip this time out, and while the numbers aren't official, they were recorded using a VBox timing system.

DragTimes was able to scoot down the quarter-mile in 8.582 seconds at 167.51 mph. It's an incredibly fast time that typically requires a purpose-built drag racing car. The video showing the run is below, and it's very long. You have to stick around past 19 minutes to see the fastest run. The car was able to make multiple runs down the quarter-mile with times under nine seconds.

Another interesting aspect of the testing is that the car was on its factory Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. That means, should someone strap dedicated drag-racing tires on the car, it could go faster. The quarter-mile run makes the car the unofficial quickest production vehicle ever. Unfortunately, it stays unofficial because there was no official sanctioning body on hand to witness the runs.