RIM Working on External Antenna for BlackBerry Devices?

Evan Selleck - Aug 26, 2010
RIM Working on External Antenna for BlackBerry Devices?

You can decide whether or not this falls into the whole “ironic” category. But, according to a tip we just received, it looks like Research In Motion, the house that built BlackBerry, is currently testing devices with external antennas. An external antenna is one of the most notable features of Apple’s iPhone 4, for both good and bad reasons, and that’s why this bit of news may be some of the most confusing tips we’ve ever received.

While an external antenna may not be the worst idea in the history of antenna ideas, it hasn’t necessarily worked out so well for Apple. Since the launch of the latest version of the iPhone, there have been plenty of complaints. So many, in fact, that a term was coined: antennagate. If you remember, to help people understand the situation, Steve Jobs came out on stage at an Apple event, and explained what was happening. It took a turn when he subsequently threw every other phone manufacturer under the bus, saying their own phones suffered from the same “death grip” that the iPhone 4 did.

RIM, obviously, had a response. And, it’s no secret that RIM is also one of the best radio manufacturers out there. Their BlackBerry devices aren’t known for having terrible connection problems, at least. So it’s definitely interesting to see this image, with a black band and a hole to showcase the antenna, popping up around Waterloo (where RIM is stationed). While the tipster can’t divulge any additional information, the picture speaks for itself. Can RIM create an external antenna that works well enough not to draw any discomfort or complaints from owners? Only time will tell.

[via BBLeaks; thanks John!]

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