RIM talks PlayBook and more on Wall Street call

RIM has been hurting of late with also of its smartphones slipping as the iPhone and Android devices put a hurt on Blackberry offerings across all carriers. Despite the fact that RIM is under such pressure from Apple and Android, the company offered up nice earnings predictions this week when it talked to analysts on a conference call.

The company reported that it expects revenue in Q1 to be in the range of $5.5 billion to $5.7 billion. The company also noted that it had shipped 14.2 million Blackberry handsets, up 40% from the previous year and has added 5.1 million new subscribers. It's worth noting that Blackberry has not offered its prediction for Q1 for handsets shipped and new subscribers added and will not offer those details moving forward.

The most interesting thing to come from the call reports All Things Digital is a bit of info on the PlayBook. The device will apparently launch sometime in March 2011 in WiFi version only. A 3G/4G version of the tablet will come later. RIM's Balsillie also noted that there would be a lot of game and media partnerships for the launch of the PlayBook.