RIM reportedly cutting 3,000 jobs on August 13th

Troubling times still lie ahead for RIM. The company announced during its most recent financial results that BlackBerry 10 would be delayed until the beginning of 2013. On top of that, RIM announced that further layoffs at the company would be necessary, with thousands of jobs already having been cut. A source speaking to Cantech Letter has now revealed that 3,000 employees at RIM will lose their jobs on August 13th.

RIM reportedly wants to finalize the layoffs before its next quarter closes on August 31st. Around 3,000 jobs will be cut in all, the remaining amount from the 5,000 that RIM previously announced would be cut. According to the source, those working on BlackBerry 10 are safe, as are those dealing with the enterprise side of the business, but many from customer services, human resources, marketing, and RIM's global repair services will be let go.

The company is trying to cut back on its spending, hoping that the restructure of the company will save $1 billion. In its most recent financial results, RIM revealed that it had lost $518 million, and that revenue had also dropped by a third to $2.8 billion. The company struggled to shift its PlayBook tablet as well, with just 260,000 shipping out.

RIM has defended its decision to delay BlackBerry 10, saying that while it was ready to go at its core, the operating system still needed fine tuning before it could be unleashed on customers. The CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins, also dismissed the idea of the company adopting Android or Windows Phone, saying that there was still room in the market for an alternative OS.

[via MobileSyrup]