RIM Releases New BlackBery PlayBook for Business Video

Those of you fiending for a hit of PlayBook are in luck today. RIM has just posted an official video that shows the new BlackBerry tablet in action. This demo is geared towards enterprise customers/users. It highlights the way the PlayBook syncs up with and pulls data from a BlackBerry.PlayBook for Business

We are shown the PlayBook connected to a BlackBerry smartphone via a secured and encrypted Bluetooth connection. In the event that the phone and slate are disconnected, all secure data is immediately removed from the PlayBook. IT will have the same level of control with the PlayBook as they do with their existing BlackBerry phones.

RIM is relying on the fact that the PlayBook requires no new data plan or account to push enterprise adoption over the better-known iPad. Businesses won't need to deal with any extra reoccurring costs, and the IT department won't have the headache of integrating a bunch of new devices into their security framework.

For a review of the PlayBook's awesomeness, check out our hands-on with Mike Lazaridis at CES 2011.

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[Via BlackBerry]