RIM Patents Adaptive Roadside and Pedestrian Billboard Systems

Advertising has been a healthy means of revenue for pretty much every company on the planet for as long as anyone can remember, so getting your hands dirty in the very means that we advertise to the general populace seems like as good an idea as any before it. Perhaps that's why Research In Motion (RIM) is working on their very own patents for "Adaptive roadside billboard system and related methods," as well as "Adaptive pedestrian billboard system and related methods."

The billboards, with whatever technology would be powering this crazy future tech, would be able to not only determine the traffic density, but the very speed in which that traffic is moving in front of it. With that information stored inside at any given moment, the billboard would determine what "type" of advertisement should be shown.

The basic ideas, is that if there's not a lot of traffic and your'e moving along at a nice pace, you're not going to want to read a lot of information on a billboard. You're way better off reading some large sign, with a huge picture of a company's logo, as well as their main product. However, if you're stuck in front of the sign and need some light reading while you wait, why not get to the details then? Apparently, one idea that RIM is kicking around to judge the amount of traffic, or the speed in which your travelling, is to utilize the GPS sensors in the devices people carry. Though, that's just one idea they're kicking around at this point.

[via Unwired View]