RIM offers first glimpse of BlackBerry 10 hardware

We know that RIM will be launching BlackBerry 10 in January 30, 2013. At least that's the plan for now, but that could easily change. In any case, RIM has quietly teased us with a vague glimpse at an upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone on their website. It barely peeks out from the shadows, but we're offered a look of that gives us a bit more information on what to look forward to.

From the teaser image, we can see that the phone will have some sort of textured backing with the camera placed in the upper-left corner. Volume buttons seem to also be visible in the image, which are placed the right side of the handset, and what looks to be a power button at the top will be placed in the middle, just like the HTC DROID DNA.

Overall, we'd say that if you're expecting something similar to the alpha hardware we saw in the past, that's probably a good guess, but a few changes will definitely be taking place. We expect a lot of changes in both the hardware and software to occur once January 30 rolls around, but BlackBerry seems to have most of the major elements in place.

BlackBerry 10 certainly has potential, and with all of the marketing and campaigning that they've done to promote the new platform, we're guessing launch day will be a big day for RIM, but hopefully BlackBerry 10 will have what it takes to take on Windows Phone 8 for the third-place spot in market share.