RIM getting Blackberry Talladega slider ready?

Back when the iPhone first launched in 2007 RIM thought it would get into the touchscreen smartphone action with the Storm, which turned out to pretty much suck. Many rumors are floating around that are pointing to new RIM devices and Engadget reckons some of the rumors all point to the same device.

There have been rumors circulating that have RIM getting a new slider device ready and other rumors point to a device called the "T" or Talladega. The scuttlebutt now has these devices being the same thing. A bit of weight has been put on the rumors with a loose-lipped CEO of a RIM parts supplier letting details slip.

The CEO of Woojeon & Handan told Join.com that a brand new Blackberry device called the "T" was launching next month. Supposedly the "T" will be a new flagship device designed to combat the iPhone and it will launch in the US and Europe. I hope it does better against the iPhone than the Storm if the rumors prove true.