RIM focusing on gaming with BlackBerry 10

You'd be forgiven for thinking that RIM would want to play it safe with BlackBerry 10 and stick to what it knows best, enterprise support. That's definitely important, but the Canadian company is also placing a heavy emphasis on games for its next-gen platform. Several developers took to the stage at BlackBerry World in order to extol the virtues of BB10's APIs and ease of use.

First, Gameloft took to the stage to talk about the success they've seen on the PlayBook so far, and to reveal that N.O.V.A. 3 would be coming to BlackBerry 10., featuring impressive graphics that will surely look great on the 4.2-inch Dev Alpha device. Ten other games will also be coming to BB10, including Shark Dash, Ice Age Village, and Oregon Trail.

Michael Schade from Fish Labs then made an appearance to talk about another game, Galaxy on Fire. The team was able to port the game to the PlayBook in a single day, saying how they want to bring the console experience to mobile devices, and praising the BlackBerry platform for its effectiveness against piracy, saying that it's not easy to pirate PlayBook apps.

It's an important move for RIM to try and gain key gaming developers for its platform. Part of the reason for iOS and Android's large success is due to the diversity of apps, with games often taking the lion's share of sales.