RIM CEO is confident that BlackBerry 10 will be successful

Even though some analysts and critics believe that Research in Motion's upcoming BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system will be a blunder, the company's CEO, Thorsten Heins, says that he's confident that BlackBerry 10 will be a success. He notes that the platform's integration and usability will be the main selling point.

According to The New York Times, Heins says that BlackBerry 10 is a big bet for RIM, and notes that he doesn't "expect things to get much worse." He also says that BlackBerry 10 will include features that customers will enjoy right away, such as the integration and consolidation of information from many apps. For example, RIM's messaging center will allow users to communicate with friends and family, as well as display Facebook updates, LinkedIn messages, text messages, Twitter feeds, and emails.

Heins says that the advantages of BlackBerry 10 will be clear to customers and will only take "a one-minute sales pitch" to win them over. He says that this new feature "is stress relief; it doesn't make you look at all your applications all the time." He continued by stating that the OS will "catch on with a lot of people."

RIM is definitely on its last leg, and if BlackBerry 10 isn't a success, the company may be in for a world of hurt. Needless to say, the company can't afford another failed product. They've seen their stock dip from $70 per share in early 2011 to less than $9 per share. Let's hope BlackBerry 10 is the company's saving grace.

[via The New York Times]