RIM cans 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook

Say what you will about RIM's tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, but it does have its audience. Reports have been coming in across the internet that the 16GB model of the PlayBook has become increasingly hard to find, with only existing stock remaining and no new 16GB models due to hit shelves. RIM has now confirmed the move in a statement to Engadget, saying that the 32GB and 64GB models represent better value.

Here's the full statement from RIM:

RIM will no longer be making the 16 GB model of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The 16 GB PlayBook will continue to be available for distributors and retailers while quantities last. We continue to remain committed to the tablet space and the 32 GB and 64 GB models of the BlackBerry PlayBook continue to be available from our distributors and retailers around the world.

There is more value for our customers in the higher capacity models (32 GB, 64 GB), and as such we have decided to focus our efforts here.

There you have it. RIM say that the 32 and 64GB models represent better value for customers and will focus efforts on those two models instead. Still, the speculation machine was in full swing before the statement, with some believing that RIM was ditching the 16GB model due to a lower profit margin.

RIM doesn't seem to be abandoning the tablet entirely either. The company has previously said that the PlayBook will receive an update to BlackBerry 10 when it's made available later this year, and that the adoption rate for OS 2.0 has been high.