RIM and Motorola sued by Klausner Technologies for patent infringement

Patent infringement suits are certainly nothing new in the technology industry. Over the last year, these sorts of suits are increasingly filed in a court in East Texas because the judge has a history of siding with the patent holders. The latest suit to be filed in the Eastern District of Texas is by Klausner Technologies against RIM and Motorola.

Klausner alleges that both RIM and Motorola are infringing on one of the 24 patents that have to do with visual voice mail on mobile phones. The suit was made after the introduction of the Blackberry Bold 9700 that hit stores this month according to Klausner. Other Blackberry handsets also allegedly infringe on the patents as well.

Motorola was sued alongside RIM with Klausner claiming that the CLIQ and other Motorola handsets infringe on patents it holds. Both suits are being handles by the law firm of Dovel & Luner from California.