Riley roving camera is a home sentry robot

A company called iPatrol has a new HD camera robot called Riley. The little bot cruises around your home on two-rubber tank-tread like strips. It is able to see in the dark with night vision tech and can alert the homeowner when motion is detected.

Riley is operated via an app that is available for iOS and Android devices. The app connects to the bot via WiFi and allows notifications to be sent to the user's smartphone. The HD video can be saved and viewed from anywhere in the world, all you need is internet access.

Riley also has integrated microphone and speakers so you can tell intruders that the police have been called. This also means you could torment family and pets from far away. Riley is also intended to serve as a pet companion and home monitoring tool. More likely, it will end up as a cool toy that kids and gadget loving adults can play with.

"Riley is a smart and mobile companion that monitors your home with real-time video," said iPATROL's Founder Rodney Lo. "Unlike most home-security devices, Riley is mobile and can travel on most any surface without getting stuck, thanks to its rugged tank treads."

Power comes from an internal rechargeable battery and the robot can self-dock to recharge itself when the battery is running low. If Riley gets knocked over, it can stand up by itself and keep mocking along. The camera is a 5MP unit compared to a 3MP camera in the original and the battery life has been extended compared to the original. Riley retails for $229.

"Riley is not just a home-monitoring tool," continued Lo. "Riley helps you feel like you're in two places at once."

SOURCE: iPatrol