Rights to Settlers of Catan movie, TV show sold to producer

Adam Westlake - Feb 21, 2015, 1:00pm CST
Rights to Settlers of Catan movie, TV show sold to producer

If you’ve never heard of The Settlers of Catan, the gist is that it is a strategy-based board game that has players both competing and working with each other in order to win, mostly through trading resources like wood, brick, sheep, and ore. Created by German board game designer Klaus Teuber in 1995, Settlers of Catan has become incredibly popular around the globe, selling 22 million copies, appearing on PlayStation and Xbox in digital form, and being adapted in recent years for iOS and Android. Now, it might even be turned into a TV show or film. At least it can’t be worse than the 2012 movie Battleship.

Producer Gail Katz, who was behind the movies The Perfect Storm and Air Force One, has purchase the rights to adapt Settlers of Catan into a film or TV show. Speaking to Deadline, Katz said she’s waited for years to see an adaptation of the board game. The purpose of Catan is to settle an uninhabited island by building civilization through roads and towns. But the thing is, there isn’t really a story involved.

However, this doesn’t really concern Katz, as it seems the game will merely serve as a starting point to tell a story. “The island of Catan is a vivid, visual, exciting and timeless world with classic themes and moral challenges that resonate today. There is a tremendous opportunity to take what people love about the game and its mythology as a starting point for the narrative,” her statement continued.

Katz had little else to say about the project, which means there are no concrete plans at this point to bring Settlers of Catan to a screen of some size. But, since it is Hollywood, if we do some kind of adaptation one day, it will most likely be a production with only a few passing references to the original game, and the popular franchise name slapped on the front. Maybe even with the same director as Battleship.

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SOURCE Deadline

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