Ricoh unveils CX5 digital camera with high-speed focus and more

Ricoh isn't a name that I think of when it comes to digital cameras; they are a copier company to me. Ricoh does offer some interesting digital cameras though and the company has expanded its line today with the unveiling of the new CX5 digital camera.

The CX5 has a wide-angle lens and a 10.7x optical zoom that is equivalent to 28-300mm. The camera also has a fast autofocus speed thanks to the new hybrid AF system that Ricoh uses. The autofocus times are as low as 0.2 seconds for wide angle and telephoto shots. That is about half the time that the previous generation CX4 needed to focus.

The CX5 has a 10MP image sensor and has a super-zoom mode that is like 600mm zoom. I would assume that super-zoom mode is a digital zoom. The rear LCD is 3-inches wide and the camera has a plethora of automatic modes and scene selections for making easy photos. The large rear LCD is also very high resolution with 920K dots. Pricing and availability are unknown.