RICOH GR IIIx emboldens high-end compact camera with 40mm equivalent lens

The RICOH GR IIIx is the newest compact high-end camera from the company, made to ramp-up the powers of the already successful RICOH GR III. This camera works with a larger APS-C-size CMOS image sensor inside with a brand new GR ENGINE 6 imaging engine and approximately 24.24 effective megapixels with a max sensitivity of ISO 102400.

The RICOH GR IIIx camera works with a new 26.1mm GR lens that Ricoh says will provide a 40mm standard angle of view in the 35mm format. This is unlike GR-series cameras of the past which featured "a 28mm wide angle of view for exaggerated perspective."

The RICOH GR IIIx works with wireless LAN connectivity and Bluetooth for wireless transfer of media to other devices. Users will find "new and upgraded" functionality in this device (VS its predecessors) in post-shooting features. This includes a new monochrome mode that's made specifically for adjustments to parameters in full-color images.

This camera has a high-definition LCD monitor at its back with touchscreen capabilities. The RICOH GR IIIx is equipped with software that allows an approximately 0.8 seconds startup time as well as a high-speed hybrid autofocus system and shake reduction.

This camera will launch with a collection of optional accessories so you'll be able to upgrade if and when you like. There'll be a ring cap available in dark gray, black, and a bronze that's exclusive to this GR IIIx model. There'll be a "genuine-leather soft case" as well as a tele conversion lens and lens adapter. Users will also be able to buy an official external mini optical viewfinder for the GR IIIx.

The RICOH GR IIIx will be released in early October of the year 2021. This device will be available at select Ricoh Imaging-authorized retail outlets in the United States and at Ricoh Imaging's online store. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is approximately $999.95 USD.