Ricoh CX3 arrives for PMA 2010 with back-illuminated CMOS

Ricoh have outed a new digital camera in time for PMA 2010, the Ricoh CX3.  The 10-megapixel CX3 may not be overspilling with pixels, but it does use a back illuminated CMOS sensor which adds up to reduced noise in the end-image.  There's also a 10.7x optical zoom – equivalent to 28-300mm – and a 3-inch LCD preview display, as well as 720p HD video recording.

ISO from 80 to 3200 is supported, as well as 5fps continuous shooting, and there's optical image stabilization too.  Up to 32GB SD/SDHC memory cards are accepted, though unlike some HD-recording cameras we've seen lately, there's no HDMI port for easy hook-up to an HDTV.

Behind the scenes, Ricoh's Smooth Imaging Engine IV keeps things ticking over, and there's a dynamic range double-shot function which combines a purposefully under-exposed shot and over-exposed shot to produce one with the best of both.  No word on pricing from Ricoh as yet, but there are more hardware details here [pdf link].