Rythm Discord music bot will disappear from YouTube on September 15

YouTube has been making moves in recent weeks to eliminate music bots from the online service. Not long ago, YouTube forced the Groovy Discord music bot to go off-line. After successfully driving that bot away, YouTube is now setting its sights on Rythm. For those unfamiliar, Rythm is a bot allowing Discord users to play music from YouTube videos.

YouTube is home to a vast amount of official music videos from various artists, and Rythm was in use by more than 560 million people globally. Google gave the people behind Rythm seven days to close up shop. Rythm has confirmed via a post on its official website that it will shut down on September 15.

Rythm has been around for about five years, and it will officially shut down at 8 AM PST on September 15, 2021. It launched in 2016 as a small project but grew to be the largest bot on Discord. While Rythm is confirming that its popular bot is closing down, it's also promising it's not going anywhere.

The team behind Rythm has confirmed that it's been working on something new for the music space promised to revolutionize how people listen to music over the last year. For now, the team is offering no information on the new service but is promising those who keep Rythm on their server and subscribe to the newsletter will get updates in the next few months.

Rythm's creators knew eventually they would be shut down, which is why they've been working on something new. Certainly, the writing was on the wall when YouTube shut down Groovy. YouTube wants people who listen to his music to only do so on the YouTube website. With two major music bots now being shut down, you can bet YouTube will go after all the other bots offering similar services.

[Updated to correct spelling of "Rythm"; we regret the error]