RFID Digital Door Lock

Rue Liu - Nov 11, 2006

Among the many mundane but complicated tasks of our everyday lives such as pressing buttons on TV remotes and turning volume knobs, is the opening of a door lock with a metal key that must be inserted and turned. What a hassle, not to mention having to carry around that heavy key and keychain in addition to our wallet, Treo, and iPod. And heaven forbid if that key should scratch any of the latter when jumbled around in our pockets. The solution is to upgrade your door locks to the RFID Digital Door Lock.


The RFID Digital Door Lock will lock and unlock itself with the wave of your fob, card, or tag infront of its card reader. So, although you still have to carry with you that fob, card, or tag, it is much lighter than your traditional metal key and will fit in your wallet. But should you lose or forget that fob, card, or tag, much the same way you did your keys, the door lock can still be operated via its key pad with your secure PIN. Worry not about the batteries going dead, as it has emergency supply and probably some alerting feature. And it is so secure that theives will be forced to break through your windows instead. Priced at $300 at ThinkGeek.

RFID Digital Door Lock [Via: Coolest Gadgets]

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