RFID data security for USB hard drives

Christina Crouch - Jan 17, 2008

Keeping our data and information secure and safe is something most of us worry about. The STSEN E08 RFID Security 2.4 Inch HDD Enclosure is more than just a ridiculously long name; it’s an alternative to fingerprint scans and passwords.

This kit will attach to a SATA hard drive and connect to your computer; it comes with a keychain RFID transmitter that stores the drives key. By scanning the transmitter over the drive you can unlock it and retrieve your information. The only downfall to this that comes to mind is that you’d be SOL if you lost the keychain.

The STSEN E08 is easily upgraded and the best part of it that if it’s ever separated from the kit it’ll automatically reformat itself. This device only cost $56, which is not bad in my book.

PICO EO8 RFID Security 2.5” HDD Enclosure
[via Everything USB]

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