Rewound app turns iPhones into iPods, killed by Apple, becoming a Web app

Some apps and technologies just resonate with so many people that just as many are shocked to discover the questionable things they may or may not have done. Recently, names like TikTok and FaceApp surface in such contexts and now another joins the ranks to a lesser degree. An app called Rewound took the iOS App Store by storm last week, causing a surge of nostalgia for the classic iPod. Apple, however, abruptly put an end to that walk down memory lane and its developer is fighting back by turning it into a web app that Apple won't be able to kick out.

As always, the story isn't as simple as it may seem. Rewound was technically an app that let you turn your iPhone's screen into the semblance of an early MP3 player. The app could let users create and install skins but the most popular among the downloadable options was one that made an iPhone look like an iPod. Without the actual physical controls, of course.

The app garnered no small amount of attention, most of them positive, but that is probably what caused Apple to take action as well. Without Apple's official statement (which it probably won't give), we only have the developer's side of the story. And according to him, Apple's rationale for the removal was flimsy and questionable.

The developer insists the app doesn't infringe on any Apple IP, like the iconic click wheel, but only lawyers will be able to answer that definitively. The app did charge for Apple Music features, which is probably a bigger point of contention. Rewound's developer, however, questions why Apple approved the app in the first place if that were the case. Suffice it to say, Rewound is calling it foul.

Apple's decision is probably final in this case and users, no matter their fondness, will probably move on. Rewound's developer is now trying to raise funds to get a web app version of Rewound running as well as an ironic Android app. Given the mood and atmosphere, though, it might not be something that will end well, with or without Apple's influence.