ReWalk Exo-Skeleton Gets Paraplegics Walking Again

We have seen robotic exoskeletons in the past that are designed to help the disabled walk. Some devices of this type are also being studied to allow soldiers and other people who carry heavy loads to do so more comfortably. A rehabilitation center in California called Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center is using a robotic exoskeleton called the ReWalk.

The facility apparently has several of the ReWalk devices costing about $85,000 each that were donated. While wearing these exo-skeleton systems, paraplegics are able to walk and move around including climbing stairs and getting in a car at speeds similar to those anyone else with use. For now, these devices are limited to use by paraplegics only.

There is hope that eventually a system for quadriplegics will be introduced that allows people paralyzed from the neck down to get up and move around. Wealthy paraplegics can't buy their own ReWalk system just yet because the device has only been cleared for use in the hospital. Work is being done to get the device approved for home use.

[via KTLA]