Revocharge Magnetizes Wireless iPhone Charging

This week the folks at Revocharge are aiming to create another simple solution for charging your smartphone. Your iPhone, your Android device, or your Windows Phone – depending on model – will be able to take part in this simple solution. Your phone is held by the battery, the battery attaches to the charger wirelessly.

The charger uses magnets to hold the case down. Unlike most wireless chargers, this one allows you to set it on its side, and you won't have to lie it flat and keep it balanced.

As a bit of a bonus, the charger has a USB hub built in so you're able to charge multiple devices at once. There's also a removable rechargeable battery here that you can keep separate in your pocket, charging your phone when in need.

Once your phone is attached to the stand magnetically, you're also able to sync. You'll need to have the USB from the stand plugged in to your computer to make this work, and charging may not be quite as fast as being plugged in to a wall socket, but still – neat.

This setup is part of a Kickstarter now with multiple package levels for supporters. With a $79 bit of support, for example, you get a mobile case, desk mount, and extra magnetic battery for mobile charging. Once the campaign is over, this setup will cost closer to $100 USD.