Reviewed: Unlimited Skype Call Plan

Staff Editor - Jan 4, 2007, 2:34 pm CDT
Reviewed: Unlimited Skype Call Plan

I just bought myself the $14.95 USD plan from Skype. You can make unlimited outgoing calls from Skype. This plan rocks, and if you are working at a place like SlashGear around this time (right before CES), you know you are going to have to make plenty of calls!

It has probably already saved me $14.95 from long-distance bills since I purchased the plan yesterday. Although the quality is obviously not as good as a landline, it provides many options in a slick interface. Next up I have to buy a nice iPhone from Linksys so I can use Skype on-the-go!

You have to act fast, because you can only buy the plan for $14.95 until January 31st. Also, Skype is planning to introduce new connection fees that might be put into the Unlimited plan later on.

Skype Unlimited Calling [Via: Skype]

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