Reveal Ask Me Anything: an app for teens to ask questions

The app Reveal – Ask Me Anything is an app where people can create profiles, share short videos, and take photos of themselves. With these bits of media, they share with one another. They share information about one another and they ask questions about one another. As you can imagine, the app has quickly turned into an alternative for apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, making way for teens to communicate with one another and fulfill their wishes to be seen and heard.

The app is made for young people to be able to "really get to know" one another. It's meant to allow users to share their "favorite moments throughout the day" and "answer questions with quick photos and videos." It's a place where people can share their opinions, personality, and creativity.

This app has in-app purchases – most of which are stickers to place on videos and photos. Users use these photos and videos to attain "likes". Likes earn you Reveal Coins, which in turn "get your questions noticed by popular users."

This is like snapchat in that videos and photos aren't necessarily made to stick around forever in-app. The app's iTunes listing does make a point that "While pictures/videos that you post may become inaccessible through the app interface, that does not mean that they are inaccessible by other means after they expire." So watch for that.

"Reveal – Ask Me Anything" is available in the iTunes app store right now for free. Again, this app's creators make their cash with in-app purchases aplenty.