RetroN3 game system supports old games and controllers

I'm not sure why, but growing up when we change to a new game system at my house we usually had to give away our old system or throw it away. This is the reason my Atari and all the cool games of my youth have disappeared. I remember many hours spent with my SNES and Sega Genesis, but I have nothing but memories left to show for my time spent gaming.

If you do have all your old games and controllers lying around a new game system from Hyperkin called the RetroN3 has surfaced that will get you playing those games again using the original controllers. The system supports cartridges from the Nintendo, Genesis, and Super NES game systems.

It does ship with a pair of wireless controllers for gaming. However, if you have the original controllers from these systems there are ports built into the device to let you play with those real controllers. The RetroN3 system is cheap at $69.99 and comes in black or red colors.