Retro SMEG Dishwasher

Retro appliances have added a fun twist to the modern kitchen. The Smeg DF6FABR Dishwasher is no different. Not only is it drop dead gorgeous it's just as tough as the average dishwasher.

The photos of this dishwasher make it seem miniature, but it is in fact full-size. It's super quiet and is triple A-rated for energy. It has 14 different settings and adjustable racking. You'll have to check out the site for a full list of features.

The dishwasher comes in pink, orange, cream, lime green, black, pastel blue and red. I'm kind of torn between the red and the lime green. It is priced at right around $1600.

Lime Green SMEG Dishwasher [via Gadget Candy]