Retractable Wiimote strap

When the Wii first came out there were many reports of accidents stemming from Wiimotes loosing themselves from the slippery grips of gamers. Since then many new wrist-straps have cropped up to correct the issue.

This is probably the coolest one I've seen. It's the Wii Sports Cuff, and it has a retractable 13-inch cord that is bound to your wrist by a velcro cuff. The best part is that the cord retracts. Just imagine the fun you'd have chucking it at your friends playing your Wii without worrying about loosing your grip and busting your TV.

As for price, this little guy is only going to set you back about $5.99. That's only slightly less than the cost of a new TV. Slightly.

The Incredible, Retractable Wii-Mote Strap [via gearlog]