Retractable Wii Sensor Bar from Talismoon

Sure, you can get a wireless Wii Sensor Bar, but if you think that causes too much latency, but still want a sensor bar that's a little more travel friendly, Talismoon has your back. The Wii Sensor Wiire is their offering, and it cuts down on not only the length of the cords, but the length of the bar.

The bar is condensed down to a couple sensor blocks one each at the end of a small cord. When you retract the cord, and pack it all in to go, the two sensor blocks stick together, so you could, rather inconspicuously, fit this Wii sensor bar in your pocket.

If you want one, its $24.95 and they are available now. It seems most Wii games are best played with more than one player, so a more travel-friendly spare sensor bar might not be a bad idea.

Talismoon offers up retractable Wii Sensor Wiire [via engadget]