Resident Evil 7 DLCs bring new game modes starting January 31

The hotly anticipated Capcom game Resident Evil 7 biohazard has finally launched, and fans have just a few days to grab a copy before the first DLC drops. Starting January 31 for certain buyers and everyone else at a later date, the DLC will offer the first volume of banned footage included with the Deluxe Edition and Season Pass, as well as a new mode that includes multiple gaming varieties and tasks.

According to Capcom, the first DLC will feature "Banned Footage Vol 1," and it'll be available to purchase for $9.99 if you don't have the Season Pass or the Deluxe Edition. The availability will start on January 31 if you have a PlayStation 4; if not, you'll have to wait until February 21.

Joining the two pieces of banned footage included with this DLC will be a new mode that includes a bunch of smaller games and missions — there's "Nightmare," for example, that requires gamers to fend off waves of enemies until morning.

There's also the extra mode "Ethan Must Die," which is described as "tough as nails" and completely separate from the main game story and the tapes. This particular mode doesn't support PlayStation VR, though. There's also "Bedroom," a game in which you're tasked with figuring out how to get out of a locked room.

For the second DLC, set to first launch on February 14 for PS4 and February 21 for everyone else, there's the deadly game from Lucas Baker called "21," and "Daughters," a look at life before the horrible Baker family tragedy. Finally, there's the "Jack's 55th Birthday" extra mode, a race-against-the-clock mission that requires gamers to "feed Jack tons of food." The second DLC will cost $14.99 USD.

SOURCE: Capcom