Resident Evil 5 for Xbox Only?

Benjamin Nied - Sep 27, 2006

As the console wars press on with all three company’s vying for dominance, any little advantage helps. In this case, it appears that Microsoft might have managed to corner one of the most popular game franchises of the last decade: Resident Evil. In an interview with, Xbox Japan general manager Takashi Sensui mentioned that he (and Microsoft, in turn) are “very good friends with Mr. Inafune.” Keiji Inafune is, of course, Resident Evil’s producer, and this comment has led many to believe that the next RE game will only appear on Microsoft’s next-generation console.

I personally wouldn’t put to much credence into this rumor; just because Microsoft is friendly with one producer doesn’t mean that Capcom is willing to throw away the money they could make by making RE5 multi-platform. While it might end up being like RE4 where one console gets it a year or so before the rest, but I expect to see RE5 to come out on (at least) the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, and possibly even the Wii. But an Xbox-exclusive? Doubt it.

[via GamePro]

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