Reservations for the Pebble Time Steel start now

Pebble definitely doesn't waste any time. Pun totally intended. It was barely two weeks ago when it put its color-toting Pebble Time up for grab by non-Kickstarter backers. Now, due to popular demand, and we'll just presume it is really popular, it is doing the same for the steel-clad Pebble Time Steel. With an important caveat. This isn't the start of retail availability of the new smartwatch just yet. Instead, Pebble is only taking reservations on its website, with a promise to start shipping sometime in September.

Pebble repeated its epic Kickstarter success last March when it bagged $20 million for its Pebble Time campaign. The new smartwatch, while still sticking to its e-ink paper display roots, managed to pull in a few colors. Plus, it also sported a built-in mic for voice reply and notes. Despite the existence of Android Wear and Apple Watch, Pebble Time's success proves there's a strong market for a simpler, longer lasting wearable.

Naturally, Pebble Time also came with a Steel variant just as its predecessor did. And naturally, it's only coming after the Pebble Time itself. Pebble Time Steel adds a bit of class to the smart timepiece by encasing the watchface with, well, steel. That, however, doesn't necessarily mean the straps will be steel as well. In fact, Pebble notes that the pre-orders will come instead with a genuine Italian leather band. The steel bands will actually come as a separate order later this year.

While the plain Pebble Time retails for $199, the Pebble Time Steel goes for a $249. The watchface itself is available in three finishes of Gunmetal Black, Brushed Silver, and Gold. Shipping starts mid to late September. The steel bands, which will be sold separately for $49.99, will come in matte black, silver, and gold options.

SOURCE: Pebble