Researchers warn that Earth risks a lasting and dangerous "hothouse" state

A group of researchers published a study recently that warns the Earth is at risk of pushing into a lasting and dangerous hothouse state. The scientists say that if the polar ice continues to melt, forests are cut, and greenhouse gases rise as they have each year the Earth will eventually pass a tipping point. Crossing that tipping point "guarantees a climate 4-5 Celsius higher than pre-industrial times" say the scientists.

The team also claims that sea levels in such a climate change would be 30-200-feet higher than today. Even more ominous is that the researchers warn that such a case could be only decades ahead. In such a climate catastrophe rivers would flood, storms would cause serious issues in coastal areas and coral reefs would die out, this could all happen by the century's end or earlier warn the scientists.

The report notes that a 2 C temperature gain for the Earth could activate "important tipping elements" that would raise the temperature of the planet even higher creating a domino effect that could take the Earth to even higher temperatures. Such a cascade could tip the entire Earth into a new mode of operation.

Much of the US has battled horrendous wildfires this year and these experts warn that wildfires of the sort could spread as the planet gets hotter and drier. Massive fires could accelerate carbon dioxide build up and add to global warming.

The new study was based on previously published studies on tipping points for the Earth. The stated 2 C no-return threshold is new according to scientists. Some admit that while the new work is "rather selective" the results of the study aren't "outlandish." Stopping this alleged tipping point requires people to immediately change their lifestyle according to the scientists.