Researchers from around the world collaborate on world's smallest transistor measuring 2nm

Transistors might not seem like that big of a deal to some people. Geeks know that the more transistors that can be crammed into a processor, the more performance the processor will offer. That also means the smaller a transistor can be made, more of the transistors can be put inside a processor and the more performance a processor of a given size will offer. The photo you see below is a very enlarged image of the world's smallest transistor that measure 2nm.

The transistor was the result of joint research of scientists from South Korea, Japan, and Britain. The research was performed at the Chungbuk National University and was lead by Choi Jung-bum. One of the researchers on the project stated that the transistor could be used to enhance the capability of mobile devices. The tiny 2nm size is perfect for cramming more performance into mobile processors that are very limited in their size.

Professor Choi Jung-bum said, "The quantum effect transistor, which is just 2 nanometers in size, can operate in regular room temperature and effectively changes the entire paradigm of such devices." I wonder how many of these tiny little 2nm transistors could be fitted inside the footprint of modern mobile and desktop CPUs. There is no indication on when the transistor might see mass production or wind up inside a processor.

[via Techfreakstuff]